Morocco is a warm, colourful and exotic country which offers a wealth of holiday experiences - coastal resorts with long sandy beaches and a reliable climate, ancient cities steeped in culture and history and the opportunity to explore the varied Moroccan landscape, which ranges from desert, through steppes and arid woodland to the magnificence of the High Atlas. Whether you're planning a family holiday, honeymoon, city break, extended cultural tour, activity holiday or simply a trip to get away from it all, Morocco can accommodate you in style.

A Moroccan Guide

Moroccan woman carrying a large bundle of firewood on her back

For all its attractions and its increasing popularity as a tourist destination, Morocco has a reputation for being a challenging country to visit. The 'Villas in Morocco' website is a guide to all things Moroccan, focusing particulalrly on the needs of travellers from the UK who are planning to rent a holiday property in Morocco - be it a riad, villa or palace. The truth is that visiting Morocco can be a wonderfully rewarding experience; those who find Morocco challenging tend to be the ones who wrongly assume that a holiday in Morocco will be remarkably similar to a holiday in Europe...

About Morocco

Located on the north-west coast of Africa, Morocco offers culture, architecture and cuisine reflecting its African roots, but overlying this is a distinctly European flavour, the result both of Morocco's proximity to mainland Europe and its years under French colonial rule. The About Morocco section includes a brief introduction to Moroccan history, which will help provide some context to a holiday in Morocco.

Holidays in Morocco

The Holidays in Morocco section of the site deals with the two most important questions that must be decided when planning a Moroccan holiday - Where to stay? and What sort of holiday accommodation to choose?  It provides details of the major holiday destinations in Morocco, together with information for those who want to escape from the tourist hotspots and 'head for the hills ', or the desert, or the mountains.  It also unravels the slightly perplexing issue of the different types of holiday accommodation offered in Morocco.  Hotels and villas are easy enough, but if you book a Moroccan riad for your holiday you may find that you are sharing a rather downmarket guesthouse, and all its facilities, with hordes of other visitors or that you have exclusive use of a near palace, with servants to cook delicious meals, clean and wait on you hand and foot.  It is as well to find out such details before you arrive in your holiday destination!

Travelling to Morocco

The three practical ways of getting to Morocco are by aeroplane, by train or by car. Flying offers the best combination of speed and economy and in practice few people choose to travel to Morocco by a either car or train. The Getting to Morocco section provides information on UK Morocco flights, the practicalities of driving to Morocco and the best route for getting to Morocco by rail.

Moroccan Essentials

It's a good idea when planning your holiday to find out essential information about health services in Morocco, any vaccination and visa requirements, and local transport services, both to get you from the airport to your holiday accommodation and to travel around Morocco during your holiday.  The Moroccan Essentials section of the site also deals with issues such as local currency, methods of drawing money and paying for goods and services locally and, most importantly of all, what to do if things go wrong while in Morocco.

Contemporary Morocco

The Contemporary Morocco section of the site is rather more upbeat, giving details of Moroccan arts, literature and culture, together with suggestions for places to visit and things to do during your Moroccan holiday.  If there is one thing you must do to fully immerse yourself in Moroccan life it is to sample contemporary Moroccan cuisine, a delicious fusion of African and European influences which often tastes a great deal better than it looks on the plate, and perhaps even try the surprisingly palatable Moroccan wine!